April 26, 2018

Guten Taco!

Our offer is fresh and tasty, traditional homemade food and all natural cocktails,

cooked with the best ingredients available: sea salt, wild fish and shrimp, regional

raw milk cheese, regional raw or organic milk, organic yogurt, whole cane sugar.


Just like old times, we cook with natural pork lard, butter or peanut oil;

apart from being healthy, stable and heat resistant fats,

they offer a unique flavor that cannot be achieved otherwise.


Healthy people is what we want, therefore we refrain from the use

of food that contains chemicals like preservatives, colorants,

flavor enhancers and other agents, as well as canned food and GMO’s.


We love mother earth, our aim is to use sustainable practices including

local small farm beef and organic chicken to promote good farming practices.


We avoid the use of disposable plastic or garbage in general,

recycling wherever possible and using renewable energy and materials,

we aim to decrease food waste because the plants and animals we eat,

gave their lives to feed us, we honor and respect them because we love them.

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